High Pressure Cleaning

Seattle+Everett+Pressure+Washing+CleaningJay's Janitorial Services use of high-pressure cleaning equipment enables us to expertly remove stains and dirt from a variety of surfaces.


Pressure Washing Seattle Everett

Pavement cleaning can ensure the protection of your new pavement or restoration of your old paving. We clean tiling and grout in domestic or commercial properties that are dirty due to general traffic wear and spillages. High-pressure cleaning can be used on warehouse floors, parking lots, walls, roofs and even multi-storey buildings.

Jay’s Janitorial Pressure Washing Service also provides high-pressure cleaning to commercial properties for the removal of graffiti and gum from a variety of surfaces.


Some uses of high-pressure washer cleaning include:

  • factory floor cleaning,
  • pavement and driveway cleaning,
  • court yard cleaning,
  • sidewalk cleaning,
  • building cleaning,
  • concrete de-greasing,
  • sport and tennis court cleaning,
  • and many more.

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These are just a few of the many uses of high-pressure water cleaning, to learn more or to request a quote from Jay's Janitorial Pressure Washing Service, call 206-930-5253 or email us today.

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