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Floor+Care+Services+Seattle+EverettJay’s Janitorial Floor Cleaning Services floor restoration process utilizes the best available in sealers and floor dressings to protect and enhance the floor surface. We can deep strip, resurface and restore all your hard floors including tile, linoleum, marble, and terrazzo.


Floor Restoration Service Seattle Everett

Floor buffing is done to dislodge dirt and dust from non-carpeted floors. Everyday sweeping, vacuuming or mopping does not clean the floors completely and over a period of time, they gather grime.

We understand that surfaces age over time and require more care to maintain their natural look. Jay's Janitorial Floor Restoration expertise can restore your floor to its former beauty.

We provide our floor buffing & restoration services to shopping centers, arcades, businesses, community centers, high rise buildings, corporate offices, bathroom facilities, schools, colleges, universities, sports centers, auditoriums and more.


Our floor buffing service leaves your floor clean & lustrous.

  • We use neutral detergent in our floor buffing service.
  • Service includes stripping, cleaning and polishing the floor.
  • A wide variety of floors can be cleaned.

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Jay's Janitorial Floor Restoration Services are very popular among our clients as they are very competitive on price and give excellent results. For further information, or to schedule a free-estimate, please call 206-930-5253 or email us today.

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